Maura’s Kitchen of Millbrook
Maura’s Kitchen of Millbrook
Maura’s Kitchen of Millbrook Outside
Maura’s Kitchen of Millbrook Outside

Maura’s Kitchen of Millbrook – A Taste Of Home…

Maura’s Kitchen of Millbrook is home away from home; providing you and your family with a cozy atmosphere, good company, good times, and.. home-cooked meals. Yup, just like Mom used to make. Owner & Chef Maura, and her daughter Kelly, operate, oversee, create & execute the dishes at Maura’s Kitchen.

Maura’s classic family recipes and incorporation of love in every dish, alongside Kelly’s contemporary style and eye for detail, create dishes that highlight the truest meaning behind comfort food, or, ‘Feel Good Food’. Start your evening off in our fully equipped taproom, stocked with locally sourced beers, wines and spirits. Share some laughs and enjoy the company of the locals, sip on a perfectly-crafted classic cocktail or an ice cold draught brew, relax and catch-up with family and friends over a spread of food that always hits the spot.

From the kitchen, you can expect a beautiful array of choices from true American, to playful takes on ethnic favorites, to family classics that you’ve known and loved for years. Every dish is made with love from our hearts, to warm yours, and we can’t wait to save you a seat.

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